Beginner: Is GPT plus worth it for academic article summary? And how to best utilize it?

Sorry for the rookie question.
Other more laymen platform to asj such a question like Reddit’s /Chat GPT are temporarily down.
So my question is: Is using paid subscribtion to GPT Plus (GPT-4) good enough for a professional summary (of whatever kind) of an Academic-lengh text article (say 15-30 pages long)? With right prompting can I trust the result?
And if yes, what are you suggestions for the best way to go about it?
(From basic technical detail of how to enter text/article into the engine, lengh limits and how to overcome them, better and effective prompting, and whether automatic prompting is needed to bypass lengh limits).

I’ve been using LLMs for academic paper review. I can usually analyze about 5-6 pages at a time using the ChatGPT web app, so I’ve been analyzing papers a few sections at a time, which can be time consuming. The web app seems to have a prompt limit of around 4,000 tokens, and since GPT4 has 8K and 32K models, it seems the web app is limiting prompt size to reserve room for the output as well as chat history. Using the ChatGPT API, you could analyze many more full papers, but still not those that are 30+ pages. I’ve had more luck in reading full papers with Anthropic’s Claude 2 LLM.

Another good use of ChatGPT I’ve found has been in analyzing lists of paper titles and abstracts. By characterizing lists of many papers (5-6 pages at a time), I’ve been able to figure out which papers cover specific topics or approaches I’m most interested in, allowing me to filter and prioritize many papers to create a reading plan.