Beginner attempting to create & launch GPT

I’m experimenting making bots on the “Create GPT” feature in ChatGPT4.0. One thing I’m attempting is creating a VR-style simulation so that characters from stories can be spoken to real-time, as if the user has access to that moment and setting in the story.

I’m wondering if anyone’s had an issue updating or launching in this platform. After selecting the green “update” option, it works and it says “updated.” Same with saving. Yet it still says “unsaved changes” on the top right. Also, it does not allow me to click “create”…the cursor just ignores it. Any ideas on why this would be, or how to resolve it?

After addressing this, I’m also interested in programming it so a user can select a point in a story or setting and the bot will respond according to those events. I’ve been looking into the Python feature in GPT chat–it seems this is a good way to go. Let me know if you have any experience/insights to share when using GPT and Python together to leverage their features. Thanks.