Becomes *Insanely* laggy after the conversation becomes a certain length

If I get help with programming, the paragraphs and codeblocks get big, but thats not the issue

The issue is: After a while, there has been 100 messages sent (for example), and then it becomes insanely laggy because the history of the messages are constantly loaded.

The solution would be to limit how much you can scroll up, or archive responses at the top and add a button that shows up if you scroll up enough and the button would say “Load more” , because right now, in this current state, my whole browser freezes if the conversation has been too long.

There is a small workaround, where i can clear my cache, but it starts lagging shortly after talking a bit with the bot again.

Are there other workarounds?

When i say “laggy” i mean, the bot will stay stuck for minutes at a time, and my web browser will freeze, lag, or even crash. Not due to the size of the paragraph sent, but because of the size of the overall conversation.