Batch translation of Word docs Using Vovsoft Batch Translator and gpt-4

Hi, when executing as per the header of this post, get “Insertion Error” and execution hangs and I get an error “RichEdit line insertion error”. Translation of plain text works just fine. My question is: is it possible to achieve translation of Word documents? We would really like to retain the Word formatting; would save a lot of effort. Able to use MS Word “Translate” and retain formatting, but that requires manually editing each doc, running the translate, then copying the translation off the browser that is brought up to contain the text. (BTW, does anybody know what model MS uses for this? is it gpt 3.5? I suspect this based on what I’ve seen in the difference between using 3.5 and 4 models translating plain text) - Thanks in advance!

Hello. You can load Word and Excel documents in the latest version.

Thanks! I take it that would be gpt-4o?

Of course. Vovsoft Batch Translator supports gpt-4o model.

Is it possible to get the translation back in Word format? I’m seeing plain text coming back in the translation.