Batch files progress for the next day

I have 10 files with 500K tokens each and my daily limit is 900K tokens per day for batches.

Can I upload all 10 files at once, and the model can work on these files for 5 days without my intervention? Can it resume progress after each day if daily limit for that day has been reached?

As per docs, it is 24h limit

Also, you can’t submit more than 90,000 tokens in a single batch (at least for my initial “Usage Tier 3”); you will get errors, for example, if you have 80,000 tokens submitted in 1st file, and you submit 2nd file without waiting for the 1st one to complete.

So, the answer is “No”, you cannot submit 10 batches with total 900K tokens.

But you can upload all 10 of course. Because “upload” is separate operation; total we have 4 steps: upload; submit; check status; download.