Batch API Token Limit while using gpt-4o model

I am creating an app using the batch API, but irrespective of the number of tokens, I get the token_limit_exceeded error, with a message

Enqueued token limit reached for gpt-4o in organization org-IlvxxTdYJquYkdT6ofcrGQuW. Limit: 1,350,000 enqueued tokens. Please try again once some in_progress batches have been completed.

A single line in the jsonl file looks like this:

{"custom_id": "66447121891ca023aa67b36c", "method": "POST", "url": "/v1/chat/completions", "body": {"model": "gpt-4o", "messages": [{"role": "system", "content": 2150 tokens(8817 chars)}, {"role": "user", "content": [{"type": "text", "text": around 50 tokens(244 chars)}, {"type": "image_url", "image_url": {"url": image url 316x316}}]}], "max_tokens": 50}}

I tried it with a single datapoint and it still gave me the same error, I have no other files being processed.

Any help regarding this would be appreciated,
Thanks !

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