Azure Open AI Tools with Parameters


I am using the “Tools” feature of the Azure OpenAI API to collect data for several business functions. I am finding the output to be very non deterministic and erratic even with very specific system prompt and zero temperature set.

I have it setup like:
ChatGPT3.5 turbo

temperature: 0,
seed: constant-value

System Prompt “You are a helpful AI assistant for collecting data and submitting it to web services. When asking for parameters ask for one at a time then ask for confirmation after all are received. Do not validate parameters”

Tool Settings
Name: Update Project
Tool Parameters: ProjectName:string, description:string, details:string

Expected Behaviour
once the tool is triggered the bot will ask for each parameters one by one until it has all 3 without modifying the entered values then ask for confirmation to proceed.

Actual Behaviour
the response varies with same input. Often it will ask for all 3 parameters at once. Sometimes it asks for same parameter multiple times. Sometimes it asks for confirmation for each parameter, sometimes it asks for confirmation after all 3, sometimes it does not ask for confirmation. It will also reformat the text entered for parameters, for instance it replaces acronyms with full words, corrects spelling & capitalization or summarizes/expands the entered text.

Any suggestions/tips for how to make this function in the expected way?

This is the API example I was following: (it won’t let me post a URL to Microsoft’s site, but the article title is: " Extend Azure AI using Tools and execute a local Function with .NET")