Availability of OpenAI models providing clustering algorithms

Hi Team,

Do we have any models / algorithm which can provide clustering technique inbuilt using open AI.
Currently we are planning to use clustering algorithm - for ex K Means but this is based on python sklearn library , but do we have any offering by open AI providing similar but powerful algorithm or model we can use to train our data?

If yes where we can find the same , API documentation doesn’t talk about any such MODELS , they are also using K Means when it comes to embedding and clustering techniques

Please let me know if we have any such algorithm/model available or provided by open AI ?

Dhruv Shah

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Hi Dhruv, all providing from OpenAI are currently in the Gen AI field only and no other ML model endpoints have been exposed by them


Thanks @udm17 for the same

So we need to use python models or algorithm open source only nothing specific to open AI

Yes, the scikit k-means would prob be the best place for you to start with