Automatic word definer

I assume it is quite easy using modern AI to have a software function that attempts to provide a definition for some arbitrary word, term or phrase. It’s ok if it’s not perfect, but it should be about as accurate as GPT-3 is, given that it’s trained on the internet at large, and Wikipedia. It would be great if it could provide one sentence definitions especially for place names and common objects, like “Bluetooth”, “Soundbar”, “Menorca”, and “Tenerife”.

Is there as of yet any already created library which includes a software function like this?

Or, can anyone link to a pre-existing project whose template I could copy, given that it’s already been adjusted to work well?

Otherwise, I can try to make it myself, of course.

Thanks very much.

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Thanks. If “summary” is a real method, then I guess that can provide longer blurbs about a topic. But I was thinking about a single sentence, and anything to be found on the internet, not just Wikipedia.

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It seems like there’s a need for a library of GPT-3 functions that people have already made that are ready to go; Hugging Face might be that but I think it doesn’t cover a lot of standard uses. I’d also like to query Codex just from the command line quickly like you did.