Automatic Recall for GPT-4

Hello, do anyone know if it is possible to get Chat GPT-4 to recall specific information from a previous chat? What’s I’d like to do is tell Chat GPT-4 about a topic and have it continuously reference what I’ve previously said in subsequent conversations.

ChatGPT’s knowledge is set in stone. There’s no way to get it to “learn” new information permanently. It will have knowledge of your conversation history, so you can give it info to reference in that thread, but it only knows about it inside that single thread.

But you could try using the new Custom Instructions feature if you have Plus to automatically inject that information in each and every thread.

The only way to accomplish this would be to add long-term memory and information retrieval to the model which, for now, can only be done using the API and a vector database.

There’s perhaps some possibility someone could (and perhaps they already have) design a plugin to accomplish the same (though there are obvious challenges to it) or you could roll your own plugin if you’re concerned about having your chat history stored externally.

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