Automated Youtube channel only with OpenAI api and python code

Hi guys,
I started to automatically compute videos using Dall-E 3, Whisper, GPT-3.5 and moviepy. I decided to start a mythology channel using the power of DALL-E to illustrate the most epic myths : @Myths.42-wj3jq
My script computes about 1 video every 10 minutes and the cost is about 2$/video. I computed about 50 videos so far but due to youtube restrictions I can only post 10/day.
Feel free to contact me if the project interests you.

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The concept of blending advanced AI technology to bring epic myths to life is truly innovative and aligns perfectly with my interests.

Your approach, creating approximately one video every 10 minutes at a cost of around 2 dollars per video, seems both efficient and economically viable. The fact that you’ve already produced about 50 videos is quite impressive, though it’s understandable that you’re currently limited by YouTube’s posting restrictions to 10 videos per day.

I am very intrigued by your project and would love to learn more about it. Could you please share how I might get in touch with you to discuss this further? Whether it’s through email, a direct message, or another platform, I am eager to connect and explore potential collaborations or ways I could contribute to or learn from your project.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and congratulations again on such an innovative and creative endeavor.