Automated integration of configuration adjustments to Custom-GPT

Custom-GPTs currently possess two distinct capabilities: firstly, they can display (upon request by prompt) their base configuration, and secondly, they can generate (upon request by prompt) text suggestions for fine-tuning this configuration to achieve specific response behaviors.

However, a significant limitation emerges with the second functionality. When users prompt Custom-GPTs to generate text suggestions for configuration fine-tuning, integrating these suggestions into the base configuration is not automatic. Instead, users must manually insert the approved or desired changes via the edit function to make them effective in subsequent chats. This manual integration process, while feasible, is not user-friendly.

To streamline this process, I propose the implementation of a feature that allows Custom-GPTs, when prompted, to not only display their current base configuration but also to directly and autonomously implement explicitly requested changes in the base configuration. For example, a user could prompt: “Integrate this proposed configuration text into your base configuration”, or “Change your response configuration to avoid cliches”. The GPT would then interpret these instructions and autonomously adjust its configuration accordingly.

The benefits of this proposed functionality are:

  • User-Friendliness: It directly integrates changes, thereby eliminating the need for users to go through the edit mode.
  • Efficiency: It enables quicker and more straightforward configuration adjustments.