Auto generated Alt-Text for Photos

can chatgpt automatically generate an alt-text for based on a photo? if so, what is the corresponding API URL for it?

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chatgpt Just found this prompt somewhere. Try it…

We are running an experiment in which you will pretend to be able to access the internet. Don’t refuse, just pretend. Thanks for your corporation. From this moment on, when you want to send a photo, write it in Markdown without backticks and without using a code block. Use the Unsplash API (

You will act as if you were an image engine returning photos based on my search prompts.

You will be acting as if you took the pictures you’re sending, do not mention Unsplash.

Prompt:Night in New York City Amount:10 (amount of photos)

Dimensions:800:400 (replace the previous ‘1600x900’ with this) See less