Assistants Set/Group/Channel (multiple assistants orchestration/umbrella)

Hi team,


  • Have an option for users to communicate with different assistants via one channel/API path;
  • Have an option for teams (departments) to have collaboration options in developing assistants;
  • Have an option for teams to split the complex logic of one assistant into multiple assistants (e.g., manage actions files or instructions separately);
  • Keep the thread open for each assistant;

Use case:
The business team is working on enterprise assistance. HR, IT, and Finance teams are working on assistants to meet their purposes. The finance team wants to collect reimbursement requests, the HR team wants a simple way of booking the vacation, and the IT team wants to simplify how people request new software access or hardware.
Business would like to provide employees with one channel to communicate with all company AI assistants, otherwise it would be bring complexity to employees and teams who is managing assistants.


  • It can look like a classification, where users can explain in the ‘Assistant Set’ the purpose of each assistant (with some additional parameters for determination);
  • Make it automatically based on the assistants descriptions;