Assistants API Pricing and Token Usage

The assistant api was looping infinitely to get the function response even though it has been provided. And I got this message in the terminal:

I was surprised like why this error. I was seeing this error for the first time. And I thought that openai is down again :frowning:

But when I looked in my dashboard I have already exhausted the my $20 limit :sob: And when I looked at the credits usage, man :rage:

I thought that I would use maximum of $20 in a month to build my project. But I don’t think anyone’s project will survive out there if they are using the assistant api :frowning: it’s too costly.

If OpenAI want to bring business to them using assistant api then they should optimize their assistant api by:

  1. bringing its response time down to under 1 second,
  2. bring down the cost or maybe allow the users to add limits to the bot in terms of max input and output tokens usage.
  3. They should also optimize their assistant api function calling feature since I don’t think it is working fine.

I think an open source assistant api is the only way ahead to build a production ready realtime chatbot application which is cost effective, highly customizable, optimized for speed and we can choose resources to use like database, file storage, caching and code interpreter. :slightly_smiling_face:

May be it will get better when google and other competitors step into the market along with their products. :roll_eyes:

What do you guys think?