Assistants -- Annotations array on text object inconsistent

The annotations array is confusing me.

I was expecting some consistency around replacing the 【16†source】styled text with a clickable view annotation button but odly sometimes the annotation is calling for the text to be so randomally placed in the middle of a paragraph? See below for example… How does that make sense as the part thats being referenced? Like what does “range of se” have any context to in the annotation?

“type”: “file_citation”,
“text”: “range of se”,
“start_index”: 1284,
“end_index”: 1295,
“file_citation”: {
“file_id”: “file-CqE2HWvOspEpNiBloylXEGiZ”,
“quote”: “# 【3†uasession.docx†file-CqE2HWvOspEpNiBloylXEGiZ】\nGroup 3–ADMIN \t 194.\t Practice kindness\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 195.\t Observing reporting questioning advocating being supportive\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 196.\t Being aware of my surrounding and sticking up for those who might need help.\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 197.\t See something say something\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 198.\t Advocating for students safety and the ways it changes based on events and generations\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 199.\t Be there for my coworkers if they seem to need a friend\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 200.\t Knowing what the Emergency Action Plan is\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 201.\t Observe report pay attention to safety of self and others\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 202.\t Evolve\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 203.\t Listening to communications from UAPD UAlert\t Group 3–ADMIN \t 204.”