/assistant shows large number of assistants but I am creating only one

I am building with the Assistant API using Python & Flask. The https://platform.openai.com/assistants page for my account shows many assistants with unique IDs. I create only one instance of an assistant as part of my flask blueprint, so I am not able to understand if each run of the assistant shows up in https://platform.openai.com/assistants as an entry or if I am somehow ending up creating a new assistant every time. I did look into the documentation, but am still unclear on why so many entries show up. Anybody here know what exactly shows up under /assistants page?

It sounds like you are creating a new assistant each time you run your code.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!
I have looked into the code again and could not yet confirm that it’s indeed what’s happening though. We will do some more testing and see.