Assistant Reference Material - What is the best format and way to get a consistent answer

I am working on an assistant to read company policy documentation and answer questions about it. As a test I create a JSON file with all the text of every policy like:

[{ id: 1, name: "title of the policy", url: "",  contents: "the contents of the policy"}...]

I was unable to provide instructions in a way that the answer would always include the name of the policy(s) that it is citing. It worked much better if I appended “please cite the name and url of the policy” but that defeats the purpose of the instructions in my opinion. I asked the assistant to write the instructions to do this and those didn’t really help either.

I’m mostly curious if the format (json, xml, or something else) might help and/or how to word the instructions so the answers are more consistent.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Maybe try “please cite the name and contents of the policy”?

I tried your suggestion among other permutations and it rarely if ever returns the reference in the answer. The instructions almost seem like they’re ignored.