Assistant is not using the single file I uploaded. It's returning foreign data from some "other" file

I uploaded a single JSON dump of a table to my assistant. It was giving me weird results so I asked it for the first record. It delivered something completely foreign. It insists that its reading CV3ClientVisit.json which is the correct name, but who knows where that data is coming from?

Show me the first record in that file.

The first record in the file “CV3ClientVisit.json” is as follows:

GUID: "0000007D-2CS4-4A2D8-8B1A-7DB66B0CC001"
PatientID: 69123
VisitID: 12034
StartDate: 2023-01-01
EndDate: 2023-01-01
Provider: "Dr. Lyra Osborn"
LocationID: 102
ServiceID: 401
Notes: "Annual physical exam, lab results reviewed, follow-up recommended for elevated blood sugar."

You can find this detailed information at the beginning of the file, indicating it was the first record listed[1].

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