Assistant API Does Not Follow Instructions

I created an assistant to process PDF files with 5 commands (A B C D E) )sequentially. In the first round, it can execute all 5 commands correctly. However, when I asked it to execute these 5 commands again, with differet paramerters, it can excute A B C D correctly, but when it came to command E, it always execute command D, even I asked it to execute E again and again, it always execute command D. Is there any solutions to this error? Thanks!

I’ve literally for weeks been suffering with telling it not to return LaTex in it’s response but the stuff is just way too big-headed!

What model are you using

I am using GPT-4-1106-preview

If I understand correctly, would it make sense to destroy the current thread and start fresh? It may be that these changes in the parameters combined with the history causes some noise, confusing the model.

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