Assessing the Design of a Custom GPT Module Developed on the OpenAI Platform by Another Platform

Any thoughts on evaluating the design, implementation and focused domain of a custom GPT module or set of custom GPT modules developed on the OpenAI platform by another platform, such as

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I sort of dislike them because it feels like they have just created a version of chat gpt and then glamorised it, probably spending more on the marketing and presentation than the development, but I also think it’s really good for openai to understand it’s market and look at these platforms then steer the ship towards catering for those products.

All in all, these startups/platforms probably get paid heaps in vc and hype just because they slap AI on it and it doesn’t seem like they really created anything new, but they are still sort of helping in the overall development and bettering of general AI, so an overall positive.

I was mainly interested on assessing compliance standards for Constitutional AI.