Asking - The other way around

Hello Community of ChatGPT,

this question is most liley a simple one but I did not find a answer to it.
Why has ChatGPT not the capability to ask also questions to humans? This learning method would be similar to Captchas and could enable the program to fill gaps more efficient.


Have you asked it to ask you questions? Have to asked to create a problem for it to solve by asking you quesitons?

Yes, I asked that question. The answer was that the creators did not endow it with this ability. But, if you look at it closely, unsupervised learning is also the difference between a natural intelligence and an artificial intelligence, isn’t it? You could also call it curiosity?

Sorry but I do not believe you, see below for a similiar prompt and completion .

Can you post the a screen shot of the prompt and the completion from ChatGPT.