Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

I have a single ChatGPT Plus account using “email account A”. I have 2 Chrome Profiles I use daily, one personal (logged into Chrome Browser using “email account B”) and one for work (logged into Chrome Browser using “email account C”). I’m asked to verify that I’m human for every single prompt on any browser where I’m logged in using “email account B”. It doesn’t matter if the browser has 0 extensions, cleared cache, different operating system, etc., as long as I’m logged into the browser (NOT OPEN AI) with my personal email account, it’s asking me to verify that I’m human.

This started around a month ago and I have not changed my usage at all. I’ve tested this on 3 different computers with different browsers, as well as other devices. It’s only happening with my personal email account. And, again, this personal email account has NOTHING to do with my Open AI / ChatGPT Plus user account.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I have been using this same single ChatGPT Plus account on both browser profiles since Plus has existed. I don’t use them simultaneously. Usually on the work profile during the day and personal at night. So, same ChatGPT account, but it only forces me to verify when on a different Chrome Profile (not different browsers, but the same browser, just logged in with different emails).

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