Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

Same issue here for at least a month. I have 2 Chrome profiles, one personal and one for work. Everything was working fine since signing up (1-2 years ago?).

The work profile doesn’t ask for human verification, but when I access ChatGPT via my personal profile, it makes me verify for every single prompt. Completely unusable.

I have tried logging out of my Chrome profile and back in, clearing cookies/cache, disabling all Chrome extensions (I mostly have the same extensions on my work and personal profiles anyway though), and I never use a VPN for anything. Nothing fixes it.

I contacted support a few weeks ago and they have been no help. Every few days, I get a message asking for screenshots of the issue. I send screenshots, never hear back with a resolution (usually it’s a copy/pasted response about VPNs, though the last message from earlier this week claimed I wouldn’t have the issue anymore—nothing has changed). I asked if they can provide any information on what could be causing this and they said they can’t disclose that, so…

I don’t understand why I would EVER have to verify that I’m human as a paying member. I sign in with my credentials and 2fa code. That should be verification enough. I’m becoming extremely frustrated and considering cancelling my Plus subscription. Most of my use was while signed into Chrome with my personal email and in its current state, it’s unusable.