Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

It’s Chrome or any Chrome-based browser that allows signing in / syncing my gmail account (bookmarks, history, etc.).

Edge and Firefox do not support this, and I haven’t tried Opera, but I’m not interested in switching browsers or having a dedicated email account profile just to use ChatGPT.

Thanks for the help so far. Unfortunately, too much of my life is connected to my personal email and I had no issues until a month ago, so I’m hoping it resolves itself or support actually gets back to me with a solution.

I’m curious what kind of data they’re tracking though, because I just exported all of my data from ChatGPT and my personal email wasn’t found in any of the files. My next step is to request any additional personal data they have on me, because something is weird here. I don’t know how they can be flagging something that lives outside of their website. They’re obtaining more user data than they claim, beyond your account info and anything you type in ChatGPT…