Asking for Human Verification for Every Prompt

For every prompt under GPT Create, I’m being asked to verify that I am human.

Update: this is not just the GPT Creator, it’s literally everything. I can’t even select one of the pre-defined prompt suggestions within ChatGPT/GPT-4. Interestingly, ChatGPT 3.5 works.

I also noticed Cloudflare wanted me to verify I was human when I reloaded.

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Are you using a VPN, perchance?


Same issue here for at least a month. I have 2 Chrome profiles, one personal and one for work. Everything was working fine since signing up (1-2 years ago?).

The work profile doesn’t ask for human verification, but when I access ChatGPT via my personal profile, it makes me verify for every single prompt. Completely unusable.

I have tried logging out of my Chrome profile and back in, clearing cookies/cache, disabling all Chrome extensions (I mostly have the same extensions on my work and personal profiles anyway though), and I never use a VPN for anything. Nothing fixes it.

I contacted support a few weeks ago and they have been no help. Every few days, I get a message asking for screenshots of the issue. I send screenshots, never hear back with a resolution (usually it’s a copy/pasted response about VPNs, though the last message from earlier this week claimed I wouldn’t have the issue anymore—nothing has changed). I asked if they can provide any information on what could be causing this and they said they can’t disclose that, so…

I don’t understand why I would EVER have to verify that I’m human as a paying member. I sign in with my credentials and 2fa code. That should be verification enough. I’m becoming extremely frustrated and considering cancelling my Plus subscription. Most of my use was while signed into Chrome with my personal email and in its current state, it’s unusable.


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How heavy are you hitting ChatGPT on the account that asks for verification? Any automation in place? Have you tried a different browser?

It happens whether I send 1 prompt a day or 20 in an hour. It’s now always asking for human verification. I have no automation, all Chrome extensions are disabled, and it happens on any device/browser where I’m logged into Chrome with my personal email account.

Support has stopped responding to me and they refuse to offer any possible solutions. I can use a different profile, sure, but everything in my life is tied to my main personal email account and I don’t understand what would have changed around a month ago.

Also, I’ve never used automation, VPNs, etc. I always use ChatGPT in the browser, usually 1-10 messages an hour, unless I’m working and use it more heavily (which is on my work profile, where I do not have this issue at all).

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And, just to be clear, I’m using the same ChatGPT Plus account on both profiles, so it’s not like one Open AI account is flagged or anything—I only have one.

It seems they have somehow mistakenly flagged my personal gmail email account. The weird thing is that this personal email account is not associated with Open AI or ChatGPT in any way. However they’re flagging accounts, it must have to do with additional information in our Chrome Profiles or email accounts.

I’m really losing hope that anyone will be able to help here. Seems like they really don’t care.

What does this mean exactly? You have two ChatGPT Plus subscriptions with the same email address?

I have a single ChatGPT Plus account using “email account A”. I have 2 Chrome Profiles I use daily, one personal (logged into Chrome Browser using “email account B”) and one for work (logged into Chrome Browser using “email account C”). I’m asked to verify that I’m human for every single prompt on any browser where I’m logged in using “email account B”. It doesn’t matter if the browser has 0 extensions, cleared cache, different operating system, etc., as long as I’m logged into the browser (NOT OPEN AI) with my personal email account, it’s asking me to verify that I’m human.

This started around a month ago and I have not changed my usage at all. I’ve tested this on 3 different computers with different browsers, as well as other devices. It’s only happening with my personal email account. And, again, this personal email account has NOTHING to do with my Open AI / ChatGPT Plus user account.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I have been using this same single ChatGPT Plus account on both browser profiles since Plus has existed. I don’t use them simultaneously. Usually on the work profile during the day and personal at night. So, same ChatGPT account, but it only forces me to verify when on a different Chrome Profile (not different browsers, but the same browser, just logged in with different emails).

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Maybe it’s because your account email doesn’t match the Google Profile?

The three email addresses may have something to do with it too?

Does it only happen in Chrome?

I’ve never logged into any browser ever with the email I use for ChatGPT. That shouldn’t matter anyway. When I say Chrome Profile, I’m referring to how you can login to a browser up in the top right corner of the browser. It should have no impact, as I can log into any website with any email/password regardless of the profile I’m using in a browser.

When I log into ChatGPT, it doesn’t pull browser profile credentials. I enter my email, password, and 2fa code.

It happens in any browser where I login with my personal email account to as a profile (again, this is all outside of Open AI / ChatGPT). I’m honestly a little concerned that Open AI is digging into my Chrome Profile metadata in the first place, let alone to falsely flag it as requiring human verification for every message.

Yeah, I don’t know for certain.

It sounds like the Chrome profile and ChatGPT Plus account email not matching is the source of your problems, though.

Good luck.

Isn’t that just Chrome browser, though? Can’t you sign-in on Edge or Firefox or Opera, et al?

If that were the case, then I would have the same issue on my work profile, because that’s also a different email.

It’s Chrome or any Chrome-based browser that allows signing in / syncing my gmail account (bookmarks, history, etc.).

Edge and Firefox do not support this, and I haven’t tried Opera, but I’m not interested in switching browsers or having a dedicated email account profile just to use ChatGPT.

Thanks for the help so far. Unfortunately, too much of my life is connected to my personal email and I had no issues until a month ago, so I’m hoping it resolves itself or support actually gets back to me with a solution.

I’m curious what kind of data they’re tracking though, because I just exported all of my data from ChatGPT and my personal email wasn’t found in any of the files. My next step is to request any additional personal data they have on me, because something is weird here. I don’t know how they can be flagging something that lives outside of their website. They’re obtaining more user data than they claim, beyond your account info and anything you type in ChatGPT…

I’m just wondering why you have a personal email account that is not the same Chrome account. Maybe cancel the ChatGPT Plus on the other chrome email and purchase it through your main email?

I have a personal email that I’ve had for 15 years, with most of my misc web accounts linked to it. That’s my main personal Chrome profile. I also have a personal professional email account, which is what I use for professional tools (this is what I used to sign up and login to ChatGPT, GitHub, Grammarly, etc.). This personal professional account isn’t used in a profile as it lives on my own domain (it’s contact @ MY NAME . com). The 3rd email was provided by the company I work for, and that’s the one I’m logged into the second profile with. I’m using the same ChatGPT account on both profiles. As I said, there was no issue for the last almost 2 years.

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User denvercitizen9 addressed an issue that requires human verification for every prompt under GPT Create. They later clarified that this issue exists across the platform, even when selecting pre-defined prompt suggestions within ChatGPT/GPT-4.

User m_p expressed their displeasure having experienced the same issue for about a month. They tried potential fixes including logging out and back into their Chrome profile, clearing cookies/cache, disabling all Chrome extensions without success. They highlighted that the problem persisted only on their personal Chrome profile and not on their work profile. They also mentioned dissatisfaction with the OpenAI support team, who repeatedly asked for screenshots and provided no effective solutions.

m_p noted that the verification happens regardless of the number of prompts sent, and across different devices/browsers where they use their personal email account. They are frustrated as support has stopped responding and refuses to offer any possible solutions. User m_p also clarified that they use a single ChatGPT Plus account on two different profiles and that the issue occurs when they’re logged into their personal gmail account.

User PaulBellow hypothesized that the problem may be due to m_p’s account email not matching the Google profile, or due to the three different email addresses. m_p rejected these assumptions, asserting that their primary concern is human verification occurring every time they log into OpenAI using their personal Gmail account and that this matter started about a month ago.

User m_p expressed frustration over the restriction of their personal email profile since it connects to much of their life and didn’t have issues until a month ago. They voiced concern over the potential undisclosed tracking of personal data by OpenAI. Lastly, m_p explained their email usage: their 15-year-old personal email linked to most web accounts, a personal professional email for professional tools, and a third email provided by their workplace.

Summarized with AI on Jan 17 (GPT-4-32k)

I appreciate the ideas, but I’m not looking for a workaround (there are plenty of ways to do it). I want Open AI to fix whatever they broke. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to use something I pay for when I’m logged into Chrome with a specific email.

It smells of something devious on their end. I understand they’re trying to prevent bots or whatever, but I pay for this service and I have to login with an email, password, AND I have a 2fa code, and that’s not enough to verify that I’m human? Okay, fine, then have me verify ONCE when I login, not after every single message. It’s absurd.


It sounds like a security measure to me… Might try again, but try to make the problem as clear as possible? I’m even now a bit confused. :wink:

Seriously, though, it’s likely a measure they needed to put into place to stop bad actors. I’m sure they want to know when a legitimate user is having problems.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.