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Ask for help:
I have a problem now, I was communicating with GPT4, and then reached the limit of 25 messages in 3 hours, the conversation automatically switched to chatGPT3.5-tubor. After 3 hours, I chatted again, it was always chatGPT3.5-tubor, I couldn’t make the conversation partner switch back to GPT4, what should I do? ask for help

Hi @yangzhansong00,

generally sharing the exact message you have received would help to better help you.

Also actually it’s 4 hours.

You’ll receive 100 messages to GPT-4 every 4 hours. After this, you will have to wait for your quota to reset.
How can I use GPT-4 in ChatGPT? | OpenAI Help Center

Now the problem is this:
I used GPT4 too much yesterday, and then automatically switched back to chatGPT, which is GPT3.5. From yesterday to today, I have not used it in the middle, and then I logged in to the previous conversation again today, and the conversation object is still GPT3.5, how to switch back to GPT4?

What I mean is that I can choose GPT plus (4) when I reopen a conversation now, but the object of my original conversation cannot be changed. After using too much yesterday, I automatically switched from GPT4 to GPT3.5, now I want to continue the conversation yesterday, and at the same time let the conversation object change to GPT4, which is impossible.

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I’ve encountered the same scenario. I have a very long chat history with GPT4, but after reaching quota, I opted to change to GPT3, because the prompt created the impression that it will go back to GPT4 after the quota resets. This is not the case, and so the only option is to start a new conversation with GPT4, but we’ve now lost all the previous chat context.

It would be a very logical feature to revert back to GPT4 after quota resets …

Seems like its possible to trick the UI to switch back to GPT4.

Explained here:


Thanks! That’s great to know. Still hoping OpenAI fixes it to auto-upgrade itself

Indeed I have experienced the same thing. I do wish there was a way to switch back, and perhaps we might include a count of the remaining messages in GPT4. Thank you for everything, it’s working amazingly.

Here’s the video walkthrough, this is what worked for me to switch from GPT3.5 back to GPT4 in the same message tread: