Ask for help, chat GPT Superman, please help me

Why can’t ChatGPT be used in China?

I write today’s paragraph with extremely excited and complicated mood. I am very grateful to this forum of open AI, and thank this company for giving mankind a better future. Today, I have some doubts and want to ask Superman for your help. help.

I am from China and I am currently studying in Portugal. I am about to graduate soon. I am worried that after returning to China, I will no longer be able to pay attention to this forum, and I will no longer be able to use chat GPT to help me improve my efficiency. When I think of this, I feel heartache and headache.

I know that there are many supermen like gods in the forum. Can anyone help me and tell me what to do? I don’t understand computers or programming, but my love for chat GPT is not inferior to the supermen here .

Looking forward to someone responding to my request