As a developer, you know explaining code to someone else is never easy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask anyone and everyone to help you understand your code without being embarrassed of the codebase?
As a developer, you know that writing code is not easy. It is something that you put 100% into in order to make your vision come to life.

You spend lots of time writing code, but when it comes time to debug and understand it, well…that’s where things get hairy. I can’t stress how difficult finding smart developers are in this market.

I smell a huge opportunity here, which gets me here today to reach out to others in order to truly bring a solution for the community as a whole. Here is the link:


This is great! I know that when I have to explain programming topics to my girlfriend, I find that not only is breaking down the topic into individual parts important, but also communicating those parts to her in terms of what she likes, for example art, helps drastically.

I wonder if future iterations of this project will try to incorporate a similar style of communication where the system can ask about a person’s interests and experience so that it can produce explanations in such manner!

Thank you, that would actually be a pretty cool tool i could add that would do exactly that. Create an explanation of your job in plain English.

Hope to have you as part of the private beta group.

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Congrats on the app.
Just to be clear, is there any difference from this to the github copilot(or codex, for that matter) code explanations?
Is there any extra features added on top? or just a wrapper?

Thank you, hope you’ve joined up to be apart of our private beta group.

Explain Code App is currently focused on helping people understand code quickly.

We do have plans to explore code creation.


Yes, I did understand it was only about explaining code and not creating.
My question was if it was only a wrapper for codex or if you are doing more complex stuff to generate better explanations.

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LOL. I usually just say “then he loops over the list until he’s done.”

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There are workflow business processes. Not pure GPT-3

I had a similar experience with a Pandas function that I was having difficulty with (again, the code written by the person in need of explanation).

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