arXiv Plugin: Development Feedback and Collaboration

Hello all,

I have a plugin in development that I’ve just been able to test and get up and running. It allows for searching arXiv for paper titles and then allows you to retrieve said paper title using the paper’s entry ID. At the moment it only allows fetching a small portion of the text, but I’m in the process of expanding it so you can say “fetch pages X to Y” and later “summarize the full text of the paper”.
I’m hoping this is an appropriate forum to ask the following questions, but if not please indicate and I’ll remove the topic. Foremost, some questions:

  1. Would you find this plugin useful?
  2. How would you utilize this plugin in your day-to-day workflow?
  3. What features and functionality would you like this plugin to support?
  4. Are there any comments, suggestions, ideas, or feedback you’d care to share in support of the development of this plugin?

Also, I’m looking to collaborate with others on plugins to get some experience developing them. If anyone is looking for a developer or has an idea they’d like to see developed, or if you need advice, please feel free to reach out.

I greatly appreciate the support of the community, thank you so much for your consideration and your kind responses. Thank you.

Yes it is a proper forum to ask.


I probably would not use it in its current form because I typically read the summary on the download page before downloading the page.

  • Return the DOI for the paper and verify it is valid at Include a markdown badge.
  • Some way to rate the quality of the paper, e.g. number of times cited, quality of organization and or authors, etc.
  • Graph of cites of the paper over time.
  • Related papers
  • Glossary - Create a list of uncommon words and provide a description of meaning.
  • Link to final paper when released.

Note: Tried to include a markdown badge as an example here but it does not work in this forum, for a working example see List of Markdown badges, no not Discourse badges, those little images that look like flags on some sites - #3 by EricGT - community - Discourse Meta

None at present.