Are there Gateway APIs for video?

There are lots of gateway APIs like Twilio that works with lots of apps, but I haven’t found a single one for doing video call.
I can run real time avatar on deepFace or UE5 to create the face and the speech2face, real time text2speech and GPT does the text. However I cant somehow find a Gateway API that would allow me to talk to thousands of ppl using regular apps.
Anyone knows about any API that allow that ?

Thanks for the reply.
The challenge has being about multiple instances and talking to many people, each instance talking with one person or more people.

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The problem is that I can’t find a software that allows it to do video-chat in other Apps like WhatsApp or Instagram or any mainstream app.
The AI related part is not big deal, Speech2text and text2speech there are lots of algorithms.
GPT-3 on this case works exactly like on AI_Dungeon when playing with multiple people.

Example how I make the image:
I was thinking about using GANs among other nice stuff.
Text2Face I can use Nvidia Omniverse or thousands other readily available algorithms and APIs.

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