Are there any settings in ChatGPT4 to shop the model from over explainng everything all the time?

I use it mainly to code, and I am hating it now, I ask it one question, and it over explains everything with 100 different scenarios using jargon, its impossible to keep up, less is more in my mind.
My eyes are burning red now lol, from all the BS they spill out, and I’m starting to lash out at it, forgetting that it’s just an algorithm. I wish there was a feature to tone it done a few notches.
I have my own API for Gpt4, but webstorm haven’t accepted me to participate in their AI feature.

The description of what AI going to do before it does it is an enhancement to its ability to code, a fine-tuning of the model on a chain-of-thought technique.
It will write better code if the methods are all laid out beforehand, even if by its own writing.

Being a token generator, it can’t go back and put in variable definitions or such that it only decided it needed later from the type of code it was outputting.