Are plugins not released to all ChatGPT Plus users?

I have been a ChatGPT Plus member from the very beginning. I even signed up for the plugin waitlist. But I haven’t seen any plugins yet.

Any one else experiencing this?

I have the plugins, i’m not even a plus member. But i signed up day 1 for the plugin waitlist.

One of the devs has said they’re rolling access out intentionally slowly

Pretty much no one has access to plugins right now. We are working hard to scale this but @evoknow you are not alone! Thanks for being patient as we get things ready to roll out to more users!

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ChatGPT claims it can read external links so I shared a google doc and a website URL. It seems to read them. But it wasn’t 100% right. Anyone else tried this?

I don’t have access to Plugin’s as well, I don’t know if this is because of the early roll out but I have GPT+ though