Are files uploaded to my assistant private?

I want to create an assistant with the new playground however I am hesitant to upload files that may have proprietary company information in there. The assistant would be only for myself to use until we get ChatGPT Enterprise but I am not clear what happens to documents that get uploaded in terms of their visibility.

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I also would like to know the answer to the question of privacy of the files. Will they be used for training purposes?

Here is the response by asking the assistant about the file I uploaded:

As an AI developed by OpenAI, I don’t have access to user data unless it is shared with me during the conversation. For the documents you upload within this platform, they are handled according to the privacy policy of OpenAI and the specific platform you are using. The uploaded documents are not shared with anyone beyond the system, and they are used solely for the purpose of assisting with your inquiries. I can only interact with files you upload for the duration of our session, and I don’t retain any information after the session ends.

However, as I do not control the platform’s infrastructure, I cannot provide a guarantee about the privacy practices. For a definitive answer on the privacy and handling of uploaded files, you should refer to the privacy policy of the service you’re using or contact their support team for clarification. If you’re looking for information on whether the specific file you’ve uploaded in this session (“file”) is kept private and stored locally on your own device, I can confirm that the file is accessible only within this session and is not stored locally on your device by OpenAI or the platform unless you’ve saved it there yourself.