Are deleted acount and bans really definitive ? what about used phone numbers and credit card ? are they also blocked for ever?

Since when you delete your account or are banned, the phone number, mail address, paiement method and maybe even IP address are also banned, I was wondering if all the phone numbers and paiement method associated to the delete or banned account are FOR EVER banned ?

If yes, it’s not fair to have your access to chatGPT for ever denied because you keep the same phone number, or the same credit card you had when you deleted your account of was banned.

And what about when people will change phones, get a new number that already belonged to someone banned ? where I’m from old phone number are given back to other people 6 month after the original owner abandoned it
Or mail address, I use proton and change address every few month, deleting the old one which can then be reused by proton, I tried my new one to create a new account ( since, just like a ton of users, my credit card was inexplicably declined on my old account, I couldn’t subscribe to plus anymore…) and surprise, the mail is already taken !

And seriously, you you can’t punish someone for ever just for being banned once…
And the more you ban the more customer willing to pay you lose for ever…

So is there a time limit on a ban or on a blocked phone and credit card ?

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