Application feature: Pin Conversations

For the web application, not the language model itself. I have had some conversations which are worth re-visiting more than once to continue with the same context. An ability to pin conversations would be amazing.


AGREE, we either need a search function for past conversations AND/OR a pin feature.

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I support adding a bookmarking feature to pin important conversations. As an active user, bookmarking would allow easy revisiting of valuable discussions.

Key benefits include:

  • Highlighting insightful conversations to foster continuity and knowledge sharing. This helps individuals and the community.
  • Enabling an archive of examples and discussions for future reference.
  • Visually connecting related, long-form conversations as ideas evolve over time through replies. This relationship building adds significant value.

In conjunction bookmarking is a ubiquitous, standard feature that yields substantial benefits for time invested. It would greatly enhance the OpenAI forum experience for contributors

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Waouh, you created something amazing Munjyong.