[Appli.Open] GPT-3 return funny answer for Japanese Question

Hi. My name is Yutaka Satoh. I post 1st time for Open AI forum.
I am personally researching/developing “laugh and AI”.
I recently opened Japanese application site at Oct/21.

In this application , user input Japanese question and GPT-3 response funny answer.
I use completion API and using pretext + user question text + user choice funny parameter.

Simply say, funny is traditional method in Japanese 2 man style stand-up talk (manzai).In manzai talk, Not-clever(Boke) role man return “not right but a little true answer”. After that , Clever role (Tsukkomi) man correct answer. By this pattern, laugh happen.

Also this application is free to use. It is too very simple application. Optionally user can pay tips.
And I posted article in Japanese engineer site (Qiita is largest site in Japan. 600k member registered)

Is anyone exist in OpenAI forum for laugh thema ?

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