API usage cap hit and API still responding

I hit my usage cap in the early hours of this morning. Its set quite low as the project is a small prototype for now.

What has concerned me is that despite me hitting the usage cap the API still responds to requests and still continues to charge me.

At first I thought maybe its will go a bit over and stop once it catches up. Its been over 12 hours and its still going strong. Its exceeded the usage cap by more than 10%.

The usage cap in this case was quite small, as I said just a prototype. My concern is that when I scale this up 10%, and seemingly no end could result in a huge amount.

Has anyone else ran into this problem

Welcome back to the forums :slight_smile:

Some users have reported similar issues. If memory serves, some folks got their keys stolen and incurred several thousands over the set budget.

It’s probably more important than ever to proxy your requests and to track your costs and permissions on your end :confused:

I hadn’t even considered checking the costs locally yet. That’s a great point that I could implement I suppose. Little sad I need to.

What does concern me more is the idea that the key might get stolen and generate potentially unlimited costs. That is very worrying.

when you say usage cap, do you mean the Usage Limits (i.e.monthly budget which when exceeded, API requests will be rejected) from Settings? i have the impression those only worked when we were in the pay as you go billing. now that we are all in prepaid, the credits will be used until empty. then if you have the auto recharge setting, it will replenish your credit when you hit a lower limit in your remaining credit. that is my understanding anyway.