API shows .01 usage where no no usage happened

Account shows usage for .01 today, but absolutely no usage has been initiated. My account is only 2 days old. The API # has not been compromised, and no other users have access to chat interface. The usage meter accurately shows .01 usage for yesterday. Is there some sort of minimum billing?

On usage page, in Daily Usage Breakdown section, does it show any requests for any of the days?

Yes, it shows 26 requests for May 13 = .01. And for May 14. it shows another 26 requests. However, my API key indicates the last time the key was used was on May 13th.

And you haven’t used the API or Playground at all?

This morning? I have used it five times, and the usage has jumped from 26 to 43 requests. This usage is not coming from me. I do not know what the playground is – I test from within Unreal Engine. and log all my interactions because I wanted to get a realistic base price per hour.

I would rotate your key and delete the old one. And don’t define the new key in the software and monitor for a few days, and see if things are halting. That should tell you a lot.

Then if you add the new key back in, and see unexpected activity, it could be some background process or your key is getting leaked somehow.


Because I would like to explore odd but benign explanations before becoming totally indignantly paranoid, what sort of background processes in an Unreal Engine ChatGPT plugin might somehow produce unintended submissions? Turning on the plugin to review the layout of the screen widget – the chat capability is ready and waiting but not engaged – that shouldn’t trigger anything. I wouldn’t think anyway.

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I’m not a Plugins expert, but it is totally plausible that the interface from ChatGPT to the Unreal plugin could perhaps be pinging something out, or doing some light activity in the background.

In my mind, if the account was compromised or the plugin as malignant, I would see dollars or hundreds of dollars suddenly used. rather than .01 per day. But this activity is nearly five to eight times in excess of my activity, so I really want to figure it out.

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Chatted with the dev. who said that the plugin pre-appends some prompts or fine-tunes the prompt based on user settings. This makes sense. So, basically, when it comes to chatting in a production environment, there is raw usage 1:1 token ratio and real-world usage. 1:5 or 1:8 token usage. Sounds as if I will have to make things much more efficient.

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It’s pretty common that third-party scripts may make more requests than you might think, making a test request to validate your key, analyze something about your project, make additional requests per “chat” to prepare data, tweak the prompt, summarize past replies. I’d start looking into that plug-in and understand exactly what it’s doing.

Also costs nothing to delete your key and recreate one just to be safe.

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And to directly answer your question, no there’s no daily minimum charge or anything. If no requests are made for the day it shows $0.00.
Clearly something made requests on that key, keep in mind the days/times are in UTC when trying to match it up with your activity on Usage report.

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