API returned reference to someone elses site on a video I transcribed

This is the first time this has happened to me and I have been using the API across various sites since the day it was launched. that is why I am adding this to the bug category, I would consider this a bug.

I just did a completely customized video for a process that is very specific, I cannot imagine anyone else does this process because it is completely customized.

I sent the audio to whisper to transcribe. When I get that back, I send it to chat GPT to correct and improve the transcription.

At the end of the transcription it referenced someone else and someone else’s website. I can’t share the video because it’s a proprietary process. But I will share the end of the transcription where it shows the reference to someone else’s site. I have no idea who this is.

...... Thank you for following this guide. For more information, visit [The Business Professor](http://TheBusinessProfessor.com).

So I’m using the chatGPT 4o, but it appears the business professor was added during the whisper transcription. Has anyone ran into something like this before? Is this new issue or is this something that happens a lot and I’ve just been very lucky for a long time?

The Whisper code is straight off the documentation.

    transcript = client.audio.transcriptions.create(
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You’ve just been lucky lol, I remember getting one about a company that sells plastic beads (I was very, very confused)