Api limit being hit but only 20% threshold in dashboard

my usage shows 19%, and I can see in my server logs no spike in traffic or anything. But I’m getting my api calls blocked with quota error message. I’ve never gone over $15 in a month in fact, despite my limit being 50… is there an extremely long time delay in price updates, or am I missing something

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Do you currently have any positive credit balance on your account? Typically, the error would occur if you have no funds in your account. In case you are not aware, OpenAI in the past few months migrated to pre-paid billing, which now requires to pre-fund the use of the API.

ah, quick fix, thanks. I was being paranoid by using non-recurring payments on top of having a low monthly limit. It would be nice if there was some “current credit” info in the Usage area to help remind, if any UX people are browing through

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