API Key Secrecy please Need help


I am thinking about hiring someone on Fiverr to create a chatbot for me and implement it into a website I have. Is there any way for them to make the chatbot without the OpenAI API Key? I would prefer it if I were the only one with the key.

Thank you

I agree that it’s not a great idea to hand out your API key to someone you don’t know on Fiverr. Anyone completing the task should have their own key to develop the app. You might be better off with somewhere like Upwork or something.

Definitely better to be safe than sorry, though.

Good luck.

If you are worried in general that someone else has your key, you can Revoke it and get a new one easily. But like @PaulBellow said, whoever you hire will probably have their own key. In fact I think its aginst TOS to share your key with anyone “outside your organization”.