Api charges if i made an ai assistant will thread charge me alot

hi, i have made my ai assistant using gpt3.5. now i wanna connect it with react interface, for that reason i wanna connect thread and assistant id but now because it is third part do i charge alot or what are the charges i will going to bear if the user come and ask multiple questions it will save history too and every time it will run all threads like A+B+C+D… please answer my question or ask question if i have been ambiguous. thanks
regards: Anum siddiqui

@anumsiddiqui respect us. If you have writing problem, use AI to make your post readable. chatGPT version:
Hello, I’ve created an AI assistant using GPT-3.5 and now I’m looking to integrate it with a React interface. To do this, I need to connect the thread and assistant ID. Since this involves third-party integration, I’m unsure about the costs involved. Specifically, I’m wondering how much I should charge or what expenses I might incur if users ask multiple questions. The system will also save conversation histories and run through all threads (like A+B+C+D) each time. Could you please provide some guidance on this? If my query isn’t clear, feel free to ask for more details. Thank you!"

Certainly! You’ve developed a GPT-3.5-powered AI assistant integrated with React, and you’re seeking advice on determining costs for users asking multiple questions. You’re also interested in understanding potential expenses related to saving conversation histories and processing threads (e.g., A+B+C+D). Any additional details you can provide will help tailor the guidance.