API Call rate limit is related to IP?

If multiple api keys are used in one IP, is there a call limit for each api key? Or are there additional restrictions on IP?

Too frequently 429 error I’ve met…

Not sure what you are trying to do, can you include a code snippet?

API Calls rate limiting are based on the organisation, not the API key or the IP. Thus, the cause of the ratelimits is likely going to be too many calls for the organisation. The number of API keys do not matter

This is the case when there are API Keys of multiple accounts in one IP. Not multiple API Keys in one account.

Limits are per Organisation, not IP or Account.

Currently everyone is getting rate limited randomly do to the extreme load they’re under. I have just as much chance getting rate limited on my first request of the day versus my 10th. I don’t think multiple api keys is going to help.

I added a simple exponential back off based retry policy that waits 2 seconds and then 5 seconds. I haven’t seen a 429 make it through since.