API - 4 GPT waitlist timing

Hello, I have a simple question. For how long have you been on a waitlist before got access to API? How were you informed that you got the access?


For me it was 20 days, you will get an email… But this is not a rule, I have friends that are still waiting and they apply 2 months ago… If you have a company, I recommend you to also try to apply to GPT-4 from Azure OpenAI, you have to request access to OpenAI, then request access to the waitlist of GPT-4. This is only for better chance of getting it earlier.

Best regards, Carlos

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For me, it was 1 month. As Carlos said, there’s no rule. I hope this would be help for you.

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Saw people waiting for multiple months.
It is like a lottery.


It’s pretty clear they do not do first-come-first-serve. Nobody really knows how they decide who gets it and when, but waiting time seems to have nothing to do with it.

I signed up for the gpt4 wait list on day one of opening. Still waiting :confused:

I have been waiting for more than 7 days, tell me those who already got access. Should they send an email or in the account in the settings api will appear model gpt-4?

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At least two months, but never got confirmation I was put on a/the waitinglist. Also no indication in my user-profile.
Feels like amateur hour

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I got put on the API list way back but have been on the waitlist for Plugin dev for about two months now. Grr

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its been 2 month since am in the waitlist. but i still dident get any reply yet!

Is the use of the GPT4 API the same on Azure?

It’s been months now. I don’t think it’s going to happen before the world has moved on.

I want to use a coding assistant. This requires the larger GPT-4 context window
to “build a map of your entire git repo and share it with GPT to help it better understand and modify large codebases”

What alternatives can we drop in instead of GPT-4?

I have access in only one.
But I didn’t use it much, and even wanted to sell

My company account gained access to GPT-4 very quickly. However, my personal account (this one) is still awaiting access. The interesting fact is that I wouldn’t use GPT-4 on my personal account anyway because it is more expensive compared to GPT-3.5-turbo, and I don’t conduct personal business. xD

They might be reviewing the amount we have sent, tested, and utilized their API first, and then granting us access.

Is this channel moderated by openAI.
The company I work for is still waiting to get access. Now it is more than a couple of months we are waiting to access.

Do you know if there is a way to get a timing? Or at least talk to a physical person?

Thanks in advance.

I have been waiting for about 3 months for GPT4 Api. Signed up 3 times. and about 1.5 months for Azure GPT4 Api.

It’s getting ridiculous people are trying to sell accounts for $1000. You need to open up spots asap.

What was the approximate amount and for how many months was it calculated, i.e., how long did you use the API?

Just recently dicided to join. Could join previously, but snoozed en losed :frowning: Now am placed on a waiting list.

This threat ended in july, did everyone get “in”? Or are there still waiting?

This topic is about using the API - a programming interface. Developers can now make a prepayment to their account and receive access to the GPT-4 models.

You describe ChatGPT. “Due to high demand, we’ve temporarily paused upgrades”.


I’m also in the process of waiting and looking forward to getting off the waiting list soon.