Anyone interested in connecting OpenAI Assistant to Slack?

OpenAI Assistant is an awesome tool for building customized AI assistants. However, I found that sharing these assistants with others can be challenging. I really wanted to introduce my bot to my teammates via Slack but found no straightforward method.

As a humble software engineer, I developed a service to connect OpenAI Assistant to Slack channels with no code. Although I can’t post the URL due to rules (No promotion), I’m eager to share this service with fellow OpenAI Assistant enthusiasts for feedback.

If you’re interested in trying it, please let me know. I’ll share the URL via DM.


Definitely interested, can you please share?

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Hi @john.lynch , thank you for asking! I just sent you the link via DM.

I’m interested. Can you share? Thanks.

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Interested, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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Sent the link via message. Thank you @pgreenwood !

Shared the link with you via message. Thank you @curt.mills !

Cool! I am also interested in this.
Please share :slight_smile:

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I shared the link with you @ph0b0t , thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Snowhale,

I’ve been exploring the capabilities of your assistant bot and I believe it could be a great asset for a partner of mine. His name is Nader, and he runs one of the biggest marketing agencies in Montreal, Redboxmedia.

I think Redboxmedia could greatly benefit from the innovative features of your assistant bot. I’ve already mentioned this to him, and he’s open to hearing more about what your assistant can offer.

Thanks for considering this opportunity.

Communicate with me ill give you the email.

Jonathan Gorce

Hi snowhale,

Thank you for your kind offer.
I am really interested in connecting Slack to GPTs.

Please kindly let me know the info.

P.S. One thing I am considering is whether this conncestion have any risks of corporate information on Slack.

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Hi StudioPo,
I just sent you the link via DM.

About your question, we only receive events that mention the bot, and forward it to OpenAI. We don’t store any data except the IDs of messages. (fyi The ID is used for finding proper thread.)

Please let me know if you have any specific concern. Thank you!

Hi Snowhale,

Thanks for your kind offer. Could you please send the link, I’m really interested to know how I can connect Ai assistant to slack? Thank you.



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I just shared the link with you via message. Thank you for asking, @ruddysimonpour !

Interested, please! Thank you in advance!

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I shared the link via DM, thank you!

Definitely interested, please share. Thank you.

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I just sent the link via message, thank you!

OMG! yes please, was just searching for this. We’re building a bunch of assistants and it would be so much better if we can connect them to slack channels for internal testing / use!

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Thank you, David. I just shared the link via message :slight_smile: