Anyone else having problem with openai deleting paid account randomly

I’m hoping it’s a bug but doesn’t look good. I get an error saying “server error” a random code then DFW. I contacted support through the chat but after copying and pasting some BS about clearing cache. They have zero interest of actually looking into.

Happens across all devices browser or app. Also, on my devices that are already logged in says non of my conversations exist showing everything having been deleted/removed. I know this company is terrible about forcing their ideals on people but I haven’t asked anything out against the rules. Unless questions on the topic of math are now considered bias and against the rules.

I really don’t appreciate having account not working, no emails about the issues, and support that is nonexistent. Not sure where else to post this to get it resolved. At nearly $30 a month you would think they would hire a worthwhile support team. Instead will have to contract credit company and report it as fraud since support is so useless. Hate to be a jerk but I think it is deserved with how terrible their support is.

This isn’t the first authorization and weird issues that they have had but this is the first of this caliber. Like they don’t do unit testing or integration testing and just shotgun deploy their dev branch.