Anybody had success connecting Assistant AI or Chatgpt's to Make through HTTP Request?

Hello everyone,

I want to automatize script production through Airtable - Make - My personal assistant. Creating module HTTP request on Make in json.

TEST 1. I have created HTTP request with my ID assistant. I can’t fix the body request content.

TEST 2. Through Thread. I’ve created : module HTTP request to create thread with POST - HTTP request to create message on thread with new id created with POST - module HTTP request GET to take message and Module airtable to copy text. But My request content doesnt work.

Need to find a prompt to put on request content, I’ve tried to find on documentation but nothing works.

one of my try : {
“assistant_id”: “asst_D69dxSM66x82G7JJdz9zc80K”,
“instructions”: “Écris un script Youtube pour: ‘{{2.Produit 1}}’.”

Am I doing the good way ? If someone knows how to connect this will be very nice !!

Many thanks to the community :))