Any tricks to naming methods for plugins so they are not superseded?

In doing a very very basic ChatGPT plugin, converted the SquareGPT example by Logain from Julia to Python.

The problem that quickly arose was that any prompt with the word square, e.g. What is the square of 5 would not be sent off to the plugin and instead ChatGPT would respond without using the plugin. To get around the problem changed the plugin info to

  "name_for_human": "Erics evaluate",
  "name_for_model": "Erics_evaluate",
  "description_for_human": "Evaluate plugin.",
  "description_for_model": "Evaluate plugin."
  title: eric_evaluate
  description: An API to evaluate a given value.

then used a prompt like

What is Erics evaluate for the number 3.1

Are others running into a similar problem and if so what are they doing?

EDIT (05/31/2023)

After reading the first two replies the suggestion was to clearly change description_for_model. To review examples of ai-plugin.json which contains description_for_model used the files located in

which are recent copies, not links, of many of the ChatGPT plugin manifest files.

Thanks for the replies.

description_for_model might be better thought as “the prompt for plugin.”

Try updating that to better describe when and how your plugin should be used.

This post might also help you better understand the prompt-space for plugins How are the `ai-plugin.json` and OpenAPI spec converted into the "Prompt for ChatGPT"?

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maybe try copying the description for model from WolframAlpha ? Something like
Apply Evaluate to complex expressions like integrals before plotting (e.g., Plot[Evaluate[Integrate[...]]]).\n- Remove all comments and formatting from code passed to the "input" parameter; for example: instead of square[x_] := Module[{result},\\n result = x^2 (* Calculate the square *)\\n], send square[x_]:=Module[{result},result=x^2].\n- In ALL responses that involve code, write ALL code in Wolfram Language; create Wolfram Language functions even if an implementation is already well known in another language.\n",

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