Any German Developer Already Having Access to Plugins?

I feel like every US developer and their mom already has access to plugins. But I don’t know any German developer who already got through the waitlist. Not sure why?!

Yes. I do since a few weeks already. Registered before the official announcement on the whitelist and got access about 2 days after (but only for GPT4 + plugins, not 32k, no interpreter and no browsing). I’m from austria but a german friend of mine did the same and got access a few hours earlier than me.

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Oh wow, you’re lucky. Okay, thanks for letting me know, I guess I’ll keep waiting. :slight_smile:

Me too. Since Saturday. It’s amazing.

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I also got access on Friday last week (12.05.)

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I also have access since 12.05.2023.

I think you will get your place this week too.

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Congratulations @jochenschultz - already tried implementing something?

Haha, thx for the words of encouragement. Hope you’re right! :star_struck:

@chris42 multiple tests. Worked last night on it. Pretty close to testing it.

I recommend reading what you are allowed to build. Seems like some of my ideas wouldn’t go with openai’s plugin/api rules.

If you havn’t seen it yet:


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This is amazing, thanks for GitHub + Screenshot, Jochen!

I would love to have the possibility to display the answer in a wysiwyg editor, so you could edit it instead of prompting. Would save alot money for openai.

Plus people taking screenshots from that answers could be told “you’ve edited it by yourself haha”

Edit + then send the edited answer to an api e.g. github or create a pdf from it.

And yeah the possibility to charge users for services (at least let us display an external link).
Have not tried yet if that is possible.

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Seit dem 13. Mai. Zeigt mal her eure Plugins :wink:

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Prompt: finde mir deutschlandweit 10 jobs als data engineer

(german for “find me jobs as data engineer in germany”)

Is there a way to do some kind of layout and maybe make chatGPT stop creating links in the list of jobs?

Here comes the detail page

But I will make some addons here. Upload your cv and find jobs that fit to it. Maybe also show some courses or maybe even auto apply to all jobs in your area by creating a cover letter and send it…

An yeah, I need to crawl the companies websites and give some more informations about the company and some ideas on how to prepare for an interview maybe.

Have built it with PHP / Symfony Framework and crawled “some” jobs.

For now I don’t really see anything that brings special value to the user. It’s a jobsearch.

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Wow, this is amazing, Jochen! Keep up the great work!!!

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Now I guess I have to wait. Any ideas on how to scale the servers would be good. I have just set up the plugin on a pretty small one that I could scale up.

I need a few days to set it up on Azure and I need to wait for API access to openai models on azure as well before I start doing some CV evaluation.

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